There has been an unspoken agreement amongst many on social media to not jinx the upcoming year. There have been specific instructions to not make statements about 2021 being "my best year yet!", but despite being in or out of lockdown, it's become evident to all of us that self-care comes first regardless. Whether you choose to conduct a hard reset of your 2020 lifestyle, or simply want to adopt better habits – PFA a curated edit of resources to start you off on your journey.


A habit I've kept going for the last 3 years is to spend some time in the first week of the new year to reassess my closet, how I'm shopping, what I'm buying and where I'm buying from. Am I succumbing to impulsive shopping? Is there something I don't wear anymore that I can donate? A good way to describe this would be a 'Wardrobe Cleanse'. If you're keen to do your own wardrobe cleanse, look no further. I also notice where I spent my money in the past year and do those companies necessarily align with my approach to fashion. This year was also one where I came across Good on You. Endorsed by Emma Watson, the website has a directory of several fashion brands and rates them on a scale based on their ethical and sustainable practices and their work contributes to the UN's sustainable development initiative to “ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns”. If you want to start shopping more consciously, this is the best place to start looking.


For those with fitness-focused new year resolutions, I cannot recommend Psycle London's workouts enough. I rarely ventured beyond cardio and strength training when it came to working out, but the pandemic introduced me to some amazing workouts on Psycle London's Instagram. I'm particularly drawn to their barre and strength classes and have figured out which class I want to attempt based on how I'm feeling on the day. Monday motivation comes to me in the form of Maria Eleftheriou's Breaking Down The Barre class, I love a midweek Zoom Arms and Abs class with Beth Naan and Rod Buchanan gives me the best Friday feeling with his dance breaks. And after a week of barre, an Oliver Black full-body strength circuit is my workout of choice and I'm ready to do it all again the next week! If you're looking for at-home workouts with energetic, kind, and super motivating instructors – Psycle's the one for you.


For many of us, the pandemic has pushed us to put our health and wellness at the forefront of our priorities. However, wellness doesn't stop with vitamins and meditation, its also about having a healthy mind. If you decide to download an app to help you put time aside for more mindful moments, let it be Clementine. Clementine has several free and paid sessions with varying durations to help with anxiety, self-confidence, sleep and even imposter syndrome. While the app is mainly aimed at women, I think their philosophies are ones that can be applied to every individual. Alternatively, if you want something a little more small-scale, entrepreneur and hairstylist Jen Atkin started a practice a couple of years ago on her Instagram where she took time out to reflect on the lifestyle habits she wants to eliminate and adopt – which is a great idea to check out if you're someone who likes to have small-term and long-term goals rather than a solid new year resolution.


Keeping with the theme of self-reflection, ByRosanna's Goal Planner is one I will continue to turn to at the beginning of every year going forward. It's a simple worksheet to fill out, covers goals about finances, content, and your 10-year vision – all to help you plan for the year ahead with a clear end goal in mind. She also offers several other free worksheets and masterclasses for small businesses and startups to learn from, check out her work here.


We've all done this at some point in our lives, and the new year gives us yet another chance to get back to the habit of reading one book every month. If you're in the UK, subscribe to the Reposed boxes – they send you one book a month, along with the occasional self-care treat whether that be gourmet chocolates, tea or even luxury stationery, all to set the scene for you to take some time away from your screen and immerse yourself in some literature. If you're unsure about paying for a subscription you may or may not use, sign up to an online book club, team up with a few friends to discuss a book over Zoom with some coffee, or sign up to a Reading Challenge on GoodReads - here's mine.

What are some habits you want to adapt or eliminate for 2021?

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