Charlotte Tilbury's India Debut

Even if you've known me all my life, you could not imagine how excited I was to learn of one of my favourite brands coming to India. If the quintessential rose gold packaging wasn't a giveaway already – I'm talking about the makeup and skincare brand Charlotte Tilbury.

The British makeup artist with 27 years under her career belt be it backstage, on the red carpet and for photoshoots, has worked with with the likes of Mert and Marcus, Amal Clooney, Emma Roberts and Kate Moss. In 2013, Tilbury launched her eponymous brand to share her vision and experience with people from the ages of “18 to 80” as she tells Glamour Magazine. Her philosophy of looking beautiful before and after makeup is clear and consistent throughout her brand's ethos and promotes the concept of fresh, hydrated, glowy and most importantly real skin that makes all her clients and customers feel their best.

As the brand launches its products to the Indian audience for the first time, I recap and review some of my go-to favourites for you to check out.


I'm one of those people who prefers to maintain my skin than invest in foundation, but if I ever was to make a foundation purchase – it would be the Light Wonder. Cult Beauty calls it the foundation for "foundation-phobes". The formula is lightweight, glowy and doesn't sit caked up on the skin. Coverage is buildable, which I love. It helps to even out your skin texture and tone, which I love. It is super hydrating and works on most skin types, which I love. What more does one need?


The original formula did indeed give you legendary lengthened lashes but would run with the rain – or if you're anything like me and your eyes water often, it just wasn't going to stay. The new formula, however, will keep your lashes in place until you use a fairly strong makeup remover or micellar water to take it off with the rest of your makeup.


One of my most-treasured products in my makeup bag is the Matte Revolution lipsticks. Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks are named after iconic women like Cindy Crawford, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and even the Queen of England – all of whom inspired the makeup artist to create each new shade. The formulas are creamy, long-lasting and most importantly don't smudge or dry your lips out over the course of the day. At this point, I can safely say that I've personally tried, tested and repurchased at least five shades from her line of lipsticks and they're still my go-to everyday lipsticks.

If you're a lipstick newbie or prefer something a little subtle; think of Very Victoria or the iconic Pillow Talk. Branching into the reds? Start with Walk Of No Shame and build up to Legendary Queen. A classic berry shade, and my personal favourite, Festival Magic (previously Glastonberry) is one I look forward to returning to each winter.

A good trick I've learned for days when I don't want to go all-out with a dark berry shade is to mix a swatch of the Festival Magic lipstick with a clear lip balm and wear it as a lipstain for something a little more effortless.


Let's be honest with each other – its easier using your fingers to do your makeup than it is to use 3 different brushes at a given time. The biggest USP for me about this product is how easy it is to use, especially on-the-go when you may or may not have to use your phone for a mirror. My go-to evening eyes most of the time is a brown base with a few swipes of the Amber Gold shade to add a little bling, tightline with a brown eye pencil and I'm good to go. I do have my eye on the Oyster Pearl shade for my next purchase – it's a duller gold than the Amber Gold and might be more versatile for day to night moments.


The first eyebrow pencil I bought for myself was the Brow Lift in Super Model to fill out my (then) sparse brows. The pencil comes with a cream stick on one end, and a spoolie on the other. The creamy formula is a lot less harsh than a regular brow pencil and is has a tapered shape to give you even strokes. The spoolie helps to brush through your brows and also gets rid of any accidental excess product. A welcome surprise was the highlighter end of the pencil which I stumbled upon completely by accident and for a full 30 seconds assumed I had broken the pencil for good! I love how easy it is to use for someone who is still a brow makeup novice, and while I do love a strong brow moment – I'm a big fan of how buildable the coverage is so you don't feel like more brow, less face.

Charlotte Tilbury is now available to shop online on Nykaa.