The product recommendation is made on the clinical study and test conducted by the manufacturer of that product and may show different results on different skin types. Any reaction or loss due to the use or application of the recommended products will not hold The Luxury Convention or its proprietors, employees or agents liable. The Luxury Convention or its proprietors, employees or agents shall not be liable to indemnify the user for such loss. It is therefore recommended that the user consults a dermatologist before using or applying such a product. 


I work with an affiliate commission service called RewardStyle to earn a percentage of commission on product sales, like the majority of bloggers in this industry. The links or products used don’t cost the buyer any more than they normally would pay for said product – the commission is taken from the brand itself via RewardStyle, and originates from the retailer, for introducing you to their product. Each post or page will declare the use of affiliate links in both shop widgets and integrated text if they are used, as well as declaring if any content has been sponsored. You will find this declaration at the very beginning of each post if applicable. Nor RewardStyle, nor I collect any of your personal data at any point apart from tracking your purchase to ensure I receive the commission for the sales I drive. This does not include any type of personal data from you.If you have any further questions about affiliate links, please do feel free to send an email with your queries to hello@samruddhikarandikar.com.