Vitamin C


"Super Glow dries down nicely and the consistency makes it easier to distribute just the right amount of product so you aren't wasting any." - Erin Lukas, InStyle

"The results are instant and impressive, my skin looks younger (truthfully) and I look visibly healthier. Any Men out there reading all the 'hype' for other brands in Men's Style magazines etc, don't waste your money, this is the product you need!" - Lee on FeelUnique

"My skin used to be extremely dull and lacked evenness. But this changed everything for me! I will never stop repurchasing." - Lim Zhen on Sephora

Whether you take an over-the-counter tablet or have been used to drinking fresh orange juice every day as a child, we've been giving our bodies Vitamin C in one form or the other. However, your skin needs a little extra. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that boosts collagen production in the skin, increasing its elasticity and making your skin look glowy and youthful. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to even out your skin tone and minimise sun damage, not as much as your SPF though - don't ignore your SPF.

Use a few drops all over your face in the morning before your moisturiser and SPF.

I prefer to use a cold jade roller over my face after applying my serum in the morning to wake the skin up and really help it absorb the product as much as it can.