Hyaluronic Acid


"It feels a little sticky at first however once it has soaked in it's fine - I used to have a lot of acne scarring and redness on my face which has drastically decreased already and I've not been using this product very long!!" - Megan on BeautyBay

"The product is light but not sticky, like a very thin oil. My favourite way to use it is to add two drops to my moisturiser at night (adding an extra drop or two if my skin feels particularly dry in winter)." - Sarah on Mecca Cosmetica

"It’s clean, great consistency, and suits my skin. Love it." - Deb on CultBeauty

Hi-yal-you-ron-ic. Say it slow. Say it fast. Say it fast three times. One of the best products in the market for plump, dewy, healthy skin - Hyaluronic acid has very quickly become a part of a large majority's skincare routine. It binds itself to collagen in the skin and creates a barrier to retain water on one side to make the skin look and feel hydrated. A very important product for those in dry and harsh climates to help protect and hydrate the skin better.

Best used after Vitamin C in the morning - although give your skin a few minutes to absorb the Vitamin C before going in with the Hyaluronic acid to avoid pilling.

I prefer to use a cold jade roller over my face after applying my serum in the morning to wake the skin up and really help it absorb the product as much as it can.